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Ten Secrets to a Perfect Lawn

Sometimes, the grass really is greener. And thicker. And oh-so-soft underfoot. That’s because turf-grass specialists at agricultural universities and golf-course managers devote their lives to making it so. Even with intense pressure to grow the perfect plot of grass, golf-course … Continue reading

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Transform a Yard Into an Outdoor Sanctuary

Adding life to outdoor spaces will help sell the lifestyle of a home. Here are staging tips to help buyers imagine fun gathering spaces, tranquil hideaways, or sleek entertainment coves that are possible with your listing. Fold up the lawn … Continue reading

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Eight Takeaways on Mortgages After the Housing Bust

Banks made more mortgages last year than in any year since the housing downturn struck in 2007, buoyed by interest rates that reached their lowest levels on record, according to federal lending data released Wednesday. The data were collected from … Continue reading

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Green on a budget: 3 ways to increase home efficiency

Time was you had to have a fat wallet to go green. These days, you can do a lot for a little. Greening up your house doesn’t need to be expensive. True, the big ticket green renovations like adding solar … Continue reading

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8 Things Your Lawn Is Trying to Tell You

Nothing adds more curb appeal to your home than a beautiful, lush, well-manicured lawn. But sometimes droughts, fungi, insects, or other problems can wreak havoc, turning the green sea of grass into a mishmash of ugly brown spots, wilted blades, … Continue reading

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