Ten Secrets to a Perfect Lawn

  (© Stockbyte)Sometimes, the grass really is greener. And thicker. And oh-so-soft underfoot. That’s because turf-grass specialists at agricultural universities and golf-course managers devote their lives to making it so.

Even with intense pressure to grow the perfect plot of grass, golf-course managers around the country are cutting down on water and chemicals with great results, says Tom Brooks, owner-superintendent of Carson Valley Golf Course in Gardnerville, Nev., who has previously supervised San Francisco’s Presidio Golf Course, recognized for leading the golf industry in environmental practices.

The no-care lawn has not yet been invented (although you can now automate your mowing with robotic lawn mowers). But turf scientists and golf course managers use these 10 secrets to trim labor to the minimum:

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I am a licensed Realtor in the Great State of Texas, specializing in residential sales, leasing and property management in North Dallas and northern suburbs - exciting places like Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Little Elm and Carrollton.
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