5 Negotiation Need-to-Knows

Reactions to the prospect of negotiating run the gamut, almost like a Rorschach of people’s comfort levels when it comes to thinking, talking and asserting themselves about money matters. Some people get so excited about haggling they adopt an entirely new persona when the time comes to talk their way into saving even a few bucks here or there. Others cringe at the mere thought of  trying to suss out what’s going on in the minds of those on the other side of the bargaining table in order to strike a deal, even when hundreds of thousands of dollars (and their own best interests) are at stake.

And in light of the current market, it can seem like every real estate pundit you’ve ever seen on TV, the old guys from the Fed, Suze Orman, Jim Cramer – even the President! – have each pulled a chair up to the table and chimed into your transaction, too! Trying to factor market dynamics into your personal negotiation equation only ups the complexity factor (and the fear factor to boot).

When it comes to buying or selling your home, there is a handful of negotiation need-to-knows that can go a long way toward protecting your best interests – and your cash!  Here are five essential negotiation need-to-knows for savvy home buyers and sellers:

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I am a licensed Realtor in the Great State of Texas, specializing in residential sales, leasing and property management in North Dallas and northern suburbs - exciting places like Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Little Elm and Carrollton.
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